Special Offer from PayPal® and Microsoft® for PayPal users:

Download Microsoft® Office Accounting Express for FREE and save time and money. Office Accounting Express is a FREE, full featured accounting application for small businesses in the U.S. Yes, FREE, as in no strings attached.

Accounting Express gets you organized, saves you time on everyday tasks and helps you manage your business online. And because it works like the Microsoft Office applications you already use, such as Word, Excel and Outlook, you’ll be up and running in no time. And best of all, Accounting Express has valuable features for small businesses that use PayPal and sell on eBay.

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Here are just a few things you can do with this powerful, easy to use software:
Manage your eBay listings directly from Accounting Express
List your inventory items directly to eBay and manage your auctions directly in Accounting Express
Track your online inventory in Accounting Express so you never run out of stock
Download transactions and eBay fees directly into Accounting Express

Manage eBay auctions directly from Accounting
Express Download eBay sales into Accounting Express

Process payments with PayPal Website Payments Pro directly from Accounting Express
Enjoy the convenience of processing transactions from within Accounting Express
Capture transaction data directly into Accounting Express to save time and reduce errors
Enjoy simple and competitive rates from PayPal

Accept credit card payments directly in Accounting Express
Review transactions and run reports in Accounting Express

Get paid faster and save money with PayPal-enabled invoices
Email PayPal-enabled invoices directly from Accounting Express
Get paid instantly and save on postage expenses
Download completed transactions directly into Accounting Express
Automatically apply payments to the right invoice, saving time and reducing errors

Send PayPal-enabled invoices directly from Accounting
Express or Outlook
Import payments into Accounting Express to save time

These are just a few of the useful features you’ll find in the FREE Accounting Express. To get a detailed overview of all the features in this powerful yet easy to use application, click here.

We built Accounting Express for small businesses just like yours. We hope this product helps you make your business flourish, and we look forward to your feedback.

Thank you,
The Microsoft Office Accounting team